About CMTL

Established in 1996, CMTL was enabled by Intel to perform memory module compatibility and functionality testing on Intel platforms. With over 26,000 advanced compatibility tests performed to date, CMTL is the worldwide leading 3rd party computer memory compatibility test lab.

CMTL provides a 3rd party memory product compatibility testing services to the industry’s leading manufacturers of computer memory, microprocessors, chipsets and motherboards. Once a product has been advanced tested by CMTL, it is guaranteed to be compatible with the system platform on which it was tested.

CMTL Current & Previous Clients:  Memory/Flash Manufacturers & Platform/System Manufacturers


Advanced Tested Modules

Intel Approved Modules

Intel is a registered trade mark of Intel corporation, CMTL Intel Approved, CMTL Advanced Tested are service marks of Computer Memory Test Lab, Inc.